Chapter Meetings

Our speaker for April was Glenn Davison with "Kites in the Year 2002". Attendees were amazed by the wide variety of kites in use and enjoyed learning more about this type of flight.

Glenn Davison is a kite designer, builder, lecturer and workshop leader. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, Kiting Magazine, and many other publications. A featured flyer at the Verdun International Kite Festival, Wildwood International Kite Festival, St. Placide Winter Festival in Canada, Kites on Ice Winter Festival in Wisconsin, and Soundwinds Kite Festival in CT. He is also a Rokkaku Kite Battle Champion having taken first place in the AKA Nationals, Wildwood, New England, Black Ships, and Smithsonian Festivals. In Indian Fighter Kites, Glenn took first place in Fighter Kite Precision at the National Convention. Glenn is Vice President of the Kites Over New England kite club, Secretary for the American Kiteflyers Association (AKA) Fighter Kite Committee, and Director of Workshops for the AKA. Glenn has been a curator for multiple kite art galleries and has displayed his work at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. At the AKA National Convention he displayed the largest gallery of miniature kites ever assembled. Glenn's "Bee Mine" kite took first place in the Great Miniature Kite Contest held by the Drachen Foundation for the category called "best in flight."

Here are some photos from that meeting: